2Pcs/box Reusable Cotton Swab

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Whether you use them to apply and remove your makeup or clean your ears, you can't deny the utility of a cotton swab. Most are made for single-use and end up contributing to the landfills of the world. These reusable cotton swabs are made of silicone, making them easy to clean, and reusable for time to come. In a set of two, one is perfect for perfecting your makeup look, while the other has studs that help clean your ears. They come in compact pastel containers and make it perfect for sustainable travel, and a sustainable home!



✔️ THE LAST PREMIUM Q-TIP YOU NEED - Both ends of the reusable swab is made of medical silicone which is super soft and flexible. At the head, swabs are very sturdy. With this silicone swab, you will effectively reduce the use of disposable cotton swabs in your daily life

✔️ MULTI-PURPOSE - Silicone swabs have a wide variety of uses: Comfortable for cleaning ears and as make-up essential. Cleaning up little makeup mistakes like mascara, smoothing liner, shadow, use for concealer on small spots. The pointed tip is great for keyboard cleaning, crafting, toe surgery cleaning, and gun cleaning too!

✔️ STYLISH SLIM PORTABLE CASE - The It's lightweight for you to easily throw in your purse, pocket, cosmetic bag

✔️ NO PLASTIC - People use 1.5 billion of cotton swabs every day. Billions of swabs litter oceans around the world, harming marine animals like sea horses, dolphins, etc. With your silicone swab, you will be help reduce plastic pollution


  • Quantity: 2pcs/box
  • Size: Double-headed
  • Size: case length only 4 inch, width 0.6 inch.
  • Material: Silicone