3D Baby Hand and Foot Print



3D Baby Hand and Foot Print
3D Baby Hand and Foot Print
3D Baby Hand and Foot Print
3D Baby Hand and Foot Print
3D Baby Hand and Foot Print
3D Baby Hand and Foot Print
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Your child’s every growing moment is precious, and Kiddy Footprints - DIY Mold Casting Kit provides you with everything you need to create a beautiful keepsake display, transforming the very moment of your little one into an everlasting centrepiece.

Our easy-to-use, high quality casting mold details every fine line, little footprint and handprint of your little one in this 3D casting kit. Included in this casting kit is the lustrous gold powder for a professional finish.


(1) Mix the molding powder with water. Slowly insert baby's foot or hand into the mold container.  Once the mold has been set for around 75 seconds, gently remove  the baby’s foot or hand out of the mold container

(2) Next, mix the casting stone with water. Pour the casting mixture into the mold and let it harden for  2 hours
(3) Uncover the mold and remove the statue
(4) Paint the statue with gold powder
(5) Place the finished model onto a base or a beautifully decorated frame for storage

The ratio of cloned powder to water is 1:3. The ratio of model powder to water is 2:1.
When the cloned powder is poured into the water, it needs to be continuously stirred until it is evenly mixed. The hand will then push into the cloned powder till it is completely solidified. The time taken for the solidification depends on the temperature, approx 5 ~ 20 minutes is possible.

Product Explanation:

  • Age from 2 months to 1 years old: 100g 100g powder for clone-hand or clone-foot
  • Age from 1 - 2 years old: 150g for hand model, 200g for foot model
  • The older the child, the greater the hands and feet, the more the dosage needs
  • 300g for female hand, 500g for male hand

Package Includes:

  • 100g x Molding powder
  • 100g x Plaster
  • 1 x Gold powder
  • 1 x Brush


Safe : Natural, Non-Toxic, Non-Allergenic, 100% Bio-Degradable
Material : 
Gypsum seaweed extract


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