Adjustable Bamboo Laptop Table

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This is the ideal mutli-use table for browsing your laptop or ipad when on the couch, in bed or anywhere other than your office.

A must have for people who love watching videos or video calling from their sofa or bed and all those who are working from home.

You can also use this for reading books and magazines, picnics, arts and crafts, dinner tray...for work and for play!

I guarantee this multi-use table will make lock-downs a little bit easier. No more uncomfortable days working strictly on your desk.

Can use the small drawer for your phone, headphones, cords, USB's or pens.

Entire Tray length 50 cm (19.6 inches)

- Length from legs (the space between your legs) 55-62 cm (21.6 inches x 24.4)
- Tray lid that is adjustable 34cm (11.8 inches)
- Leg height (adjustable) 20-30 cm (7.87 inches - 11.8)
- Coffee Mug area 16 cm (6.3 inches)