Adjustable Breastfeeding Baby Pillow

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Breastfeeding pillow can provide soft and comfortable support for your baby while breastfeeding, adjustable height can allow you to choose the right height and feel more comfortable, easy for mommy to give it a best fit to baby.

The hollow radial fits well to the mother's waist, arm and elbow can rest well, eliminate shoulder stress, and effectively prevent back and neck pain. The adjustable height helps you maintain a good posture while feeding and prevents back and neck pain; the arm and elbow supports eliminate shoulder stress. Creates an ideal positioning for mother and baby.

Due to the soft curve of the cushion, the Elevate can be used crosswise. When care is complete, fold the cushion in half and secure it with the colorful ribbon for compact, neat storage.


  • Adjustable height, allows you to maintain a perfect breastfeeding position, change the height to best fit their size as your baby grows.
  • Multifunctional use, it can serve as Pre-Natal pregnant pillow, Post-natal breastfeeding pillow, sleeping pillow and foot pillow.
  • The pillow layers are firmly built, they are not easy to fall off, firm and supportive under the weight of the baby.
  • Easy to carry, can be folded discreetly. Come with silk ribbon for fastening. can use it when traveling