Bamboo ash tray

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  • Round: Diameter 13cm
  • Square 17cm by 17cm
  • (Please refer the product photos for detailed dimensions)
  • Material: bamboo
  • Product features: handicrafts, with the use of value and classical art style

This is a piece of creative design and an art work!!! Perfect for outdoor environments or indoor smoking rooms. Long lasting, durable,natural. Bamboo is natural heat insulation.
Good home decoration, multiple use. 

Characteristics of bamboo
Tough: bamboo is harder than wood, bending compression strength is high
Beautiful: bamboo has texture fresh, beautiful layout, natural color.The bamboo incense make you pleasant
Durable: bamboo with no dust, easy to clean and avoid  bacterial breeding and insects
Comfortable: bamboo moisture with low thermal conductivity
Healthy: bamboo can can absorb ultraviolet light