Bamboo Bookcase/Cabinet Antique Style

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Bamboo Bookcase/Cabinet Antique Style


Style (Please refer to product photos from the dropdown box for detailed dimensions):

  • Style1:L60*W38*H80cm
  • Style1I.:L60*W30*H80cm
  • Style1B:L60*W38*H80cm
  • Style1C:L60*W38*H115cm
  • Style1D:L60*W38*H115
  • Style1E:L60*W38*H115cm
  • Style1F:L60*W38*H150cm
  • Style2:L60*W38*H80cm
  • Style2B:L60*W38*H80cm
  • Style2C:L60*W38*H115cm
  • Style2D:L60*W38*H115cm
  • Style2E:L60*W38*H150cm
  • Style2F:L80*W38*H80cm
  • Style2G:L80*W38*H80cm
  • Style2H:L80*W38*H115cm.
  • Style2I:L80*W38*H115cm
  • Style2J:L80*W38*H150cm

Functions: For holding books, decorations and other items, multiple use storage solution



  • 100% natural solid bamboo
  • Easy assembly
  • High capacity, strong, firm and durable
  • Antique style, creative design, luxury looking, premium quality 
    • Bamboo is a green material and is environmentally friendly. It helps to save trees and protects the environment
    • Bamboo is good for health, cool in summer, warm in winter. It absorbs carbon dioxide, making the air clean
    • Bamboo made products don't attract dust, easier to clean
    • Easy to carry and store. Good gift for your family and friends!
    • Product is brand new, wipe clean with a damp cloth before first use for a better user experience