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Bulk 500 8oz Bamboo Disposable Takeaway Coffee Cups Eco Compostable Double Wall

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Future Friendly Compostable Bamboo Cups are made with bamboo, one of the planet's most sustainable resources.

You can seal your hot cups with our lids made from rapidly-renewable corn-starch product, CPLA, rather than regular plastics.


  • Avoid lids made from regular plastics and instead choose our lids made CPLA
  • Bamboo's strength and heat-resistance make it perfect for sustainable hot cups.
  • Double Wall provides an extra heat protective barrier
  • Lined with corn-starch product, PLA, a rapidly-renewable alternative to regular plastic linings
  • Sealed with lids made from CPLA
  • Eco sustainable
  • Certified Compostable to EN13432 and ASTM D6400 industrial facilities
  • Suitable for home and business use


  • Cafe, restaurant takeaway hot drinks or parties


  • Size: 8 Ounce / Approx. 240mls
  • Quantity Per Sleeve of Cups: 25
  • Material: Bamboo Paper and PLA lining

Package Includes:

8oz Double Wall Uni Bamboo Cups with PLA lining.