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Ella - The Geometric Glass Triangular Terrarium

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SO lately you’re seeing terrariums every which way you turn, right? Or is that just us? Either way, we're officially obsessed with these planters!!!

Geometric Terrariums bring so much beauty to space. It’s like a mini-ecosystem in a pretty package!

While you could easily pick up a terrarium already completed at the store, wouldn't you rather design a beautiful Geometric Terrarium yourself, complete with all of your favorite details?

Imagine, you just got home from the nursery with a bunch of beautiful Tillandsias. You handpicked the best air plants that the nursery had to offer, and you’re stoked to display them in your home.

But where are you going to put them?

You can plant Tillandsia on pieces of driftwood, in hanging metal planters, and even in sea urchin shells! But our favorite place to plant them is in a glass Geometric Terrarium.

You can’t go wrong with any of the Geometric Terrariums — they’re all gorgeous!

Air plant Geometric Terrariums come in many shapes and sizes, just like your air plants! Some are simple with maybe one or two air plants, while others are more complex, with a miniature ecosystem nestled inside.

Choosing the right Air Plant Geometric Terrarium:

First, select your metal framed geometric terrariums. The most important factors to keep in mind when selecting the geometric terrarium are:

1. Airflow - make sure your geometric terrarium allows the plants to get plenty of air circulation;

2. Light - you want to make sure that your geometric terrarium doesn't restrict the amount of light that your air plants receive. This is why glass is a great choice - but you can also use an opaque vessel as long as there is a large enough opening that the air plants are not housed in shadow.

When choosing a geometric terrarium, think about where the best light is in your home so you know where you're going to display it (hanging? sitting on a windowsill?), your design aesthetic, and what plants you are going to choose for your terrarium.

The opening on the geometric terrarium will help determine what plants will be able to fit - and remember that air plants, like all plants, will grow over time.

Also, when considering where to place your geometric terrarium, consider the specific needs or your air plants - while most prefer indirect sunlight, there are some varieties that will want more light.

Need some ideas for decorating around the home?

If you crave variety, you can create a mixed terrarium with succulents and air plants of varying textures. Just make sure that your air plant does not get planted in soil or sit in moisture as this can cause rot.

Some people like a more whimsical terrarium and may add miniature people, cars, or dinosaurs alongside their plants. Make a beach-themed terrarium with a little sand, moss, some shells from your family’s vacation.


🌱 Elegant modern design which allows it to be displayed on any wall anywhere in the home!

😍 Perfect for your living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office, the possibilities are endless!

🌿 Grow herbs, flowers, succulents, or anything you fancy in these minimalist planters.

💡 Easy Installation! Set-up in minutes!

🔥 2020 Latest Home Decor Trend. Don’t Miss Out!! 

Whether you live in an apartment, are chained to an office desk, or just want to be surrounded by green, living things, our awesome terrarium planters are a delightful way to combine the worlds of home decor and gardening

Our geometric terrariums are also very customizable; they are the ideal size for most plants and flowers! Add stones or gems and pebbles to truly make it your own!


Material: Metal Frame with Glass

*Plants not included*

Size : 4.33" x 4.33" x 6.30" /   11cm x 11cm x 16cm


Question: Are terrariums on-trend right now? 

Answer: The whole concept of indoor and miniature gardening is becoming trendy because people are now living in smaller spaces and no longer have access to the classic backyard. However, people are also environmentally aware and enjoy having a slice of nature around them. So bringing the outdoors in with a terrarium makes sense.

Question: What are some of the benefits of having a terrarium and other indoor plants at home?

Answer: There have been many studies on the effects of plants on productivity, stress and air quality. Many of them prove the restorative and calming effects plants have on us. Plants are also a great way to personalize and decorate office spaces, improving satisfaction and air quality! This is extra important these days with many people working in windowless offices and homes with little or no garden.

Question: How much installation and maintenance is involved with the terrarium planters?

Answer: Our terrariums planters are super-easy to look after, with minimal maintenance, and the best part, they can be set-up in literally minutes! After-which, simply propagate your fresh new cuttings to grow into beautiful and healthy plants or flowers!

Question: Where can I place my terrarium planter?

Answer: Our terrariums planters are perfect for your living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office, the possibilities are endless! Most plants require medium-bright indirect light, therefore it is best to place your tabletop terrarium planters in a well-ventilated and well-lit place in your home or office! 


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