Handmade Paper Notebook Eco-Friendly Ganesha Journal Gifts

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Handmade paper journal with eco-friendly 100% cotton paper. Beautiful print design of God Ganesha. Softcover and a cotton cord wrap around for closure. A gorgeous Ganesha journal for writing, sketching, painting, work notes, and also makes a unique gift!

The paper is unlined and eco-friendly, handmade from recycled cotton textiles. This paper responds very well to many mediums including art pen, penciHandmade paper is Eco-friendly cotton paper. This paper is called so as it is made from cotton rags and no wood pulp is required in the process. This paper is acid-free hence ageless and has hundreds of years of life.

This paper is handmade and hence its making gives employment to many people helping them in their livelihood.
These papers are acid -free, wood-free, bio-degradable, recyclable, and eco-friendly. Being acid-free, it is not affected by aging does not turn brittle and yellow. Made by cotton rags it is eco-friendly and saves deforestation.

Size: 5" x 6.75"
Material: Cotton