Mandala Upcycled Wall Hanging Home Decor Boho Tapestry

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Applique Mandala Wall Hanging

This famous applique craft of flowers and elephants with mirrorwork on black cotton cloth hails from the southern part of India. A craft that originated as a temple art now finds application in a wide range of household, decorative and ceremonial products. The appliqué items are mainly used during processions of the deities in their various ritual outings. The motif used consists of stylized representations of flora and fauna as well as a few elephant figures. In some, we find just the floral pattern, and some have floral with elephants on it. Craftsmen use different kinds of stitches to attach the different floral motifs. It can be used on the Altar place or to cover the table, wall, or ceiling of any room.

Craft: Applique & Patchwork using Fabric Remnants
Measurements: Length – 35” x Width – 35”
Product weight: 250 grams
Special Attention: Handcrafted Village Craft. Please allow for minor crafting defects as the beauty of the handmade process.