OMSutra Yoga Cotton Blanket - Handwoven

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OMSutra Cotton yoga blanket is handmade by artisans who dye and weave them. This blanket is Chemical-free and nontoxic and is one of the most versatile of Yoga props that adds color, style, warmth, and comfort to your yoga practice. These blankets appeal to yoga studios because they are wool-free and will not produce any allergic reaction in students that are allergic to wool.

Blankets can sometimes substitute for bolsters and meditation cushions in restorative poses and pranayama practice and give an extra warmth and comfort under and over your body in final relaxation. Blanket help prevents neck strain and provide a stable but yielding surface for shoulder stands/ inversion poses and support in seated and kneeling postures.

Our blankets are pre-washed & pre-shrunk and is machine washable in cold water for easy care, and feature a heavy, dense, tight weave for extra warmth, support, and stability. This blanket does not come with tassels, but rather has thin, nicely stitched finished edges. The blanket dimensions are approximately 60 x 80 inches, though variations occur, as these are handmade blankets.