PINNY Chinese Ceramic Bamboo Tea Accessories 6Pcs/set

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The Gong fu tea tools Chinese name is " Cha Dao" use it for gong fu tea ceremony.

TheseDifferent tools meet your different needs and are super easy to use and clean. Perfect for tea lovers to enjoy with friends or family.

Our Tea Tool Set includes a  1x Teaspoon,1x Tea Funnel,1x Tea needles,1x Tea clip,1x Tea scoop,1x Vase


Teaspoon - shuffles tea leaves         
Tea scoop - digs expended tea leaves from teapots
Tea Needle - prevents spout blockage 
Tea clip - help you to wash and pick up hot teacups 
Tea Funnel - funnels tea leaves into small openings teapot 
The Vase - provides home for all tools above