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SIZING OPTIONS (by wrist circumference)

Small: less than 5 5/8" | Medium: 5 5/8" - 6 5/8" | Large: 6 5/8" - 7 1/2"

On the border between sizes? Order a size up!

Note: The Sofia and Ana Blisslets are made from different materials to give them each their own unique style. They are cut to different dimensions so that they provide equivalent amounts of pressure on your wrist.

Acupressure bracelets are a proven nausea remedy, but who says they can't also be stylish? Don't suffer another minute! Blisslets provide fast relief from nausea and vomiting without drugs or side effects.

The gold Sofia Blisslet glimmers with Gilded Age glory. The Ana Blisslet's understated geometric pattern recalls the beauty of Classical Greece. Together, they make a versatile, perfectly balanced pair that you can dress up or down for going out, to work, or just hanging out at home.

Blisslets are super stretchy and soft for maximum comfort.

  • Natural relief in as little as 5 minutes
  • Great for motion sickness, morning sickness, and other types of nausea such as that caused by migraines, virtual reality games, and chemotherapy
  • Can be used before or after nausea starts
  • Breathable materials that dry quickly after getting wet
  • Mix and match with other Blisslets sets
  • Must wear on both wrists for effective relief
  • Free and easy : Y ou may return your Blisslets within 30 days of receipt for a full refund, or within 60 days for an exchange or store credit.
  • Elastics contain natural rubber latex
  • Acupressure may provide relief of nausea symptoms but does not cure underlying causes. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


A size medium fits most adult women, while a large fits most adult men. If you have no measuring tape and don't have a printer you could use to download a printable ruler (see below), just go with your best guess. If you are on the border between sizes, order up. Returns are free and we can always send you a different pair

No measuring tape? Print Your Own Ruler

If you are not sure of your wrist size and don't have measuring tape handy, you can download a printable ruler below that you can use to measure your wrist around the P6 point (three finger-widths up the arm from the wrist crease). Just follow these steps:

STEP 1: Download the PDF of the ruler by clicking here.

STEP 2: In the print window, set Page Scaling to None and set Page Size to Letter.

STEP 3: Cut the ruler and measure around your arm over the P6 point, three finger-widths up the arm from the wrist crease. You're all set!

See Our Sizes on a Ruler

IMPORTANT: The sizes shown in the ruler above apply to all styles except for any pairs that include our Cecilia, Edith, and Sofia Blisslets. For pairs that include these three styles, the sizes are Small: less than 5 5/8" | Medium: 5 5/8" - 6 5/8" | Large: 6 5/8" - 7 1/2"


What is the smallest possible wrist that I can have to wear a small?

The smallest possible wrist size we cover is 5.25 (five and a quarter) inches.

Do you sell children's sizes?

Depending on the child, a small may fit children as young as elementary age. We are considering releasing a children's collection with different designs in the future. If you'd be interested in such an option, drop us a line to let us know!


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