SolarBoom Clover Lantern

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Trifolium solar light is an essential for outdoor and courtyard lighting. Using solar energy and USB charging dual input design, folding a small volume, can be easily put into your backpack.
In outdoor activities, there is no worry about the continuation of the lighting, and the convenience of light use is also the best choice for outdoor activities. 

1. Product parameters

Highest luminous flux 100lm illumination 2hr.

Minimum high luminous flux 50Lm illumination 4hr.

Flashing high luminous flux 100Lm illumination 4hr.

2. External parameters

Voltage MICRO V8 USB 5V

Current 400mA Charging time 4hr.

Solar charging 12hr.

3. Built-in battery

Built-in battery specification 680mAh/3.7V multi-chip

                    4.5V 0.9W (3 pieces 750W / square meter bright)

4. Accessories life 3 years

5. Size specifications

Machine size Closed: 62.7*149.8mm

Expand 291*27.1mm Weight Machine 168g

Folding solar light, built-in 680mAh battery, can also be charged by USB, the highest luminous flux is 100 lumens, lighting time is 2-4 hours.

Benchmarking crowd: 1. Outdoor camping, camping, fishing, night trip

                2. Commercial disaster relief, gifts, Red Cross

                3. Household power failure emergency, ship cabin, field inspection, archaeological