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Yoga Mat Strap

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The Vegan and Sustainable Cork Handle for your Yoga mat handmade in Portuguese lands. The strap is adjustable in length and fits any yoga mat, without buckle closure at both ends.

- Handmade

- Sustainably harvested cork

- Antimicrobial

- Easy to clean

- Excellent durability

- Fits all carpets

It's Soft to Touch because Nature filled these amazing honeycombs with air.

It's Easy to Clean because all you need is soap and water.

It's 100% Vegan because it's made of tree-bark not animal skin.

It's 100% Eco-Friendly because when you take the bark off our trees, they grow back even stronger!

It's PETA Approved because they checked us out and said: "We like your style!".

It's Unique because it's grew on a tree. You can expect an entirely individual pattern that Mother Nature made exactly for you!